Microwave Repair

Microwave Repair in Sacramento

Microwave Repair in Sacramento

Without the speed and convenience of microwave cooking, many busy Sacramento residents would undoubtedly have to settle for eating expensive and unhealthy fast food during the workweek. Microwave cooking is something we all take for granted…until ours start malfunctioning, that is. If you are still using a model that your bank gave you twenty years ago for opening an account, you probably are better off just replacing it. However, many of the multi-feature microwaves being sold today are definitely not throwaway machines. Fortunately, the team of repair pros at American Appliance Repair Services is standing by to help you identify the cause of any problems yours may have and get it fixed fast.

The quality of microwave dinners has come a long way, making tasty wholesome home-cooked meals easier than ever to prepare. Unfortunately, some Sacramento households are accustomed to the convenience of microwave cooking that they will continue using one even after it starts malfunctioning. This could both increase the chances of damaging it beyond repair as well needlessly risk electrocuting someone or starting an electrical fire. Please unplug a broken or malfunctioning microwave immediately and then get in touch with American Appliance Repair Services to schedule an appointment.

The microwaves being sold in stores today are of superior quality and greater energy efficiency than older models, but because of their sensitive electronics should only be worked on by factory-trained repair technicians. The team at American Appliance Repair Services includes several experts who routinely service all makes and models of countertop, built-in, and over range microwaves made by GE, Frigidaire, Kenmore, LG, Panasonic, Sharp, Whirlpool, and other top manufacturers. A lot can go wrong when taking one apart, so please play it safe and allow us to handle the problem. We offer all Sacramento microwave repair service at competitive pricing, convenient appointment scheduling, and an unbeatable commitment to customer satisfaction.

Here are several common microwave issues that we can fix:

  • Microwave begins smoking or sparking (unplug immediately!)
  • Loud buzzing or other strange sounds
  • Rotating mechanism not working
  • Broken digital display
  • Broken timer
  • Power / temperature settings not adjusting properly
  • Internal light blown out
  • Food not heating properly
  • Door jammed or unhinged

Searching for Sacramento microwave repair? Look no further! The sooner you contact American Appliance Repair Services, the sooner we can get your microwave up and running again. We always provide detailed written estimates before we start any job, and will only charge for those repair services agreed to in advance. No gimmicks or hidden charges…guaranteed! Our independent and locally-based small business has become the first and only choice in appliance repair for a growing number of families and business owners throughout Sacramento and its surrounding communities. Make an appointment with us today and find out why!