Ice Maker Repair

Ice Maker Repair in Sacramento

Ice Maker Repair

A malfunctioning ice maker is almost always a quick and easy fix for the repair technicians at American Appliance Repair Services. More often than not, we are able to get it back up and working again on the initial service call. However, many Sacramento residents still choose to put off having theirs repaired and instead make ice cubes manually with plastic trays, place drinks in the freezer to chill before they drink them, or even just live with room temperature beverages. We have all had to make sacrifices in this tough economy, but the refreshment of iced beverages does not need to be one of them. American Appliance Repair Services offers all Sacramento ice maker repair services at competitive rates designed to meet any household budget.

We know that dealing with even minor appliance problems is a hassle you would rather not have to deal with, especially since many of the big name appliance repair chains in California treat their customers like numbers and engage in dishonest billing practices. American Appliance Repair Services was founded over a decade ago because we believed Sacramento deserved an independent and locally-based alternative in appliance repair services. We are a family owned and operated business that has succeeded because of our commitment to going the extra mile for our customers (whose word of mouth referrals is still our most effective form of advertising). We provide detailed itemized job estimates before we get started and guarantee that you will only be charged for the parts and labor which you agreed to. No hassles, no scams, and absolutely no hidden fees. That’s our promise to you.

Even if you prefer to take your drinks without ice, it is a bad idea to ignore a malfunction if yours is built-in to your kitchen’s refrigerator/freezer (like most are) because it could be a symptom of a larger problem with the unit as a whole. We service all types of ice makers (including large party-sized machines, portable outdoor models for sporting events, and built in ones). Our factory-trained service technicians have years of experience servicing every model of under-counter, freestanding, and portable ice makers produced by Whirlpool, Scotsman, GE, Kenmore, EdgeStar, KitchenAid, and other leading manufacturers. Whatever the issue with your ice maker is, the repair crews at American Appliance Repair Services will get it fixed fast and get it fixed right.

American Appliance Repair Services offers top-quality affordable Sacramento ice maker repair and maintenance service. Here are a few common problems which we can fix for you:

  • Water or coolant leaks
  • Machine is frozen over
  • Ice is unusually small or oddly shaped
  • Discolored and seemingly “dirty” ice
  • Ice with a strange taste or odor
  • Ice runs out too fast (i.e. not enough being produced)
  • Ice not dispensing properly (including dropping without reason)
  • Display features or internal lamp broken
  • Machine is overheating / too hot
  • Excessively loud or strange noises

Still not convinced? We will match any competitor’s pricing, so you really have nothing to lose! If you need Sacramento ice maker repair service, you have come to the right place. Call or email us today!